Carers Assessment

A carer's assessment can identify what support you as a carer might need to help you in your caring role. It is intended to help you and is definitely not a test or exam on what you could do better, despite the name!

The assessment is designed to look at what help you provide for the person you care for and what impact that has on your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. It also considers what help and support can be offered to help make caring a little easier.

Once an assessment has been completed you will be supported to look at how to achieve or work towards outcomes that you have identified. This could be via services that Crossroads Care Ribble Valley provide or other community services.

Lancashire County Council introduced a number of ways you can receive respite. 

Rolling Respite

This can be used with Crossroads Care, often carers are allocated 100 hours per year and so use 2hours a week at a time.  We will record the hours used and submit an invoice to Lancashire County Council on your behalf.

Prepayment Card

This is the same as above, however, you can choose to hold a prepayment card yourself and pay us direct.

With the introduction of the Care Act from April 2015, Lancashire County Council must now provide personal budgets to carers who are eligible, following a Carers Assessment. To qualify for a budget you must be an adult caring for someone 18 or over.

For more information on Carer Respite funding, contact Carers Link on 0345 6887113 or Social Services on 0300 123 6720.

To use your Carer respite funding with us, call 01200 422104

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Don't miss out- Rolling Respite

If you are caring for a person who could not manage without your help, you are likely to be eligible for Rolling Respite - which is not financially assessed. This can be applied for via Social Services or Carers Link. Most people are given FREE two-hourly respite visits per week. This gives you that much-needed break from your caring responsibilities. Let our trained care workers look after the person you care for and take time out for yourself.

Contact Social Services on 0300 123 6720 - ask about Rolling Respite

Contact Carers Link on 0345 6887113 - ask about Rolling Respite

Check out our Carers Respite and Community Projects.