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Our Values

Ribble Valley Crossroads Care is very special due to our people and the core values that are shown throughout our organisation.


We have excellent partnership relationships with social workers, district nurses, GPs, OTs, NHS Falls Team and many other professionals.

This year our team actively worked together to establish the key values that are reflected through our work, attitudes and behaviours. These are:


Our people are trained, equipped and supported for life’s difficult situations, supporting loved ones with dementia, to supporting young families with challenging lives, to being there at the end of life.

We have over 25 training sessions that all staff undertake, the majority of which are face to face workshops which ensures maximum learning, peer sharing, individual tailored training and end assessments to demonstrate knowledge.

All practical competencies are assessed in the field on a regular basis.


We are privileged to share people’s lives and confidences; with this, comes trust, reliability and confidentiality. Our staff work hard to ensure that they are true to their promises and we follow the Duty of Candour should something not be possible or go as planned. Honesty is key to maintaining trust.


Respect and dignity are essential and are at the heart of our care. One of our training sessions covers Dignity in Care and employees are given the opportunity to become Dignity Champions. We currently have 10 dignity champions.


Care services are changing. Demography, personalisation and funding issues have all come together to transform social care.

Within this transformation, there is a need to understand the underlying reasons for change and to respond to them in positive, creative and dynamic ways.

This means new projects are continuously being developed in response to changing needs. We are also monitoring and pro-actively improving our IT systems using innovative methods.


A small selection of comments from the people we support

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How can we help you?

Social Support

Including companionship, socialisation, activities

Personal Care

Assistance with things such as bathing, dressing, medication etc.

Dementia Care

Both individual and community support.

“Care is a state in which something does matter; it is the source of human tenderness.”

What our customers say

So caring. Simply brilliant

I don’t know where you find your staff from.

All of them, every single one, are amazing.

So caring. Simply brilliant. We can’t say enough good things about the girls.

What makes Crossroads Care so great

We are incredibly bespoke and will tailor to meet your needs. If you are not sure we can help, please give us a call and we will do our very best!

You can read more about our different services here.

Personal care  – bathing, dressing, medication etc.

Social Support – companionship, socialisation, activities

End of Life – walking with you to provide dignified care

Dementia care and respite – individual and community support

Learning disabilities – enabling individuals to reach their own aspirations and life outcomes

Family support – for times when a family needs that extra pair of hands or guidance whether that’s running a household, practical parenting support or developing resilience and sustainable family relationships

Home Help Support  – when you need a little extra support around the home

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Our support can range from helping someone to get up, washed, dressed and make breakfast, to helping with medication, providing companionship, accompanying on outings, overnight care, rehabilitation and lots more.

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